green living

Sustainability, for us, is about the interconnectedness of a healthy ecosystem. Therefore we believe in applying our philosophies to every aspect of what we do to.

Our home at Cairn O’Mhor, Farmtoun cottage-appartment and our smallholding close by, are our little slice of sustainable rural pie.

On our land, we nurture a healthy environment for wildlife, working with nature rather than against it. We grow and raise food, plant trees and flowers, make mend and reinvent, applying many ‘closed loop’ principles to our lifestyle and businesses.

We are aiming to integrate sustainable smallholding with involvement in grass-roots community initiatives promoting and facilitating the following:

  • Increased food security within the community
  • Ethical and/or local food, product and service consumption
  • Resource pooling, skills share and collective learning
  • Low-impact and wildlife sensitive sustainable tourism

Our home and Farmtoun’s self-catering accommodation enjoy a super-efficient heating and hot water system fuelled with wood and solar thermal heat collection, we treat our waste water on site, minimise the use of treated tap water, and use electricity from 100% UK renewable sources. We plant trees and flowers annually. Our smallholding’s water needs are almost entirely met by rainwater collection. We are committed to waste reduction and strong believers in the Reduce, Reuse, Reinvent, Repurpose, Recycle philosophy, and as you can see I (Rose) like words beginning with R 😉

Our buying choices reflect our desire to minimise our impact. From recycled paper products, Fairtrade and organic teas & coffee as standard, to cleaning & personal hygiene products that are naturally derived and bulk bought or home-made. We shop around for environmentally friendly & socially conscious options as well as asking ourselves ‘do we really need that?’ (tricky, as the answer is often no!)

Joining the Green Tourism accreditation scheme was a logical step. The folk at Green Tourism offer a great service for members and the public alike, making ‘going green’ accessible and easy to navigate while offering friendly advice and support.

We do acknowledge that we are lucky to have space to share as well as freedom of choice, and hope that perhaps our experiences can help inspire, or at least show-case some of the wonderful organisations we support and that support us along The Green Road.

Please contact us to find out more 07875293588